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DC Comics Will Sell 200,000 Batman NFTs

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DC Comics has announced that it will sell 200,000 Batman NFTs with a goal of raising around $60 million.

The Batman NFTs are a partnership between Warner Bros., DC Comics and Palm NFT Studio who have joined forces to launch the series of NFTs called “The Bat Cowl” that will span 83 years of Batman history.

According to the companies’ official announcement, the NFTs are based on the famous Batman mask. All will be 3D art, with an initial sale value of US$ 300.

“The Bat Cowl” NFTs will be built on Palm, a sidechain solution on ETH that seeks to provide more scalability and reduce energy costs.

Also according to the announcement, NFT holders will have access to a secret web3-based DC Universe fan forum. In addition, they will have the right to purchase the corresponding physical mask and to participate in fan parties and events.

“While Batman is one of the most famous superheroes in the world, with hundreds of millions of fans, his appearance has changed over the past 83 years and this collection pays homage to that history,” said Jim Lee, DC Editor and Creative Director. Comics.

The Bat Cowl

The release of “The Bat Cowl” NFT comes after Warner Bros. released “Batman” in theaters. The film grossed over $330 million in the US and debuted the biggest Batman franchise in over a decade.

So, to cap the film’s success, DC Comics is offering the NFT owner a series of benefits for two years in an effort to keep the franchise profitable after its theatrical release.

“The wonderful thing about this incredible combination is that we continue to evolve Batman’s iconic peripheral bat mask and bring it into today’s digital world, making it more accessible than ever before,” said Jim Lee.

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