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Decentraland and The Sandbox in TOP

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Still metaverse, because among the strongest protocols in terms of growth in these hours we have once again MANA, which returns to lick the $ 3 of value per single token The Sandbox.

The cycle of cryptocurrencies and blockchains dedicated to the new way of living i virtual worlds it doesn’t seem to have run out, with no news of sorts coming from Facebook. What is happening on the market? Our analysis will aim to understand just that – that is, how far these protocols could go.

In a market greedy for emotions and satisfaction in the last 24 hours, I am Decentraland And The Sandbox leading the ranking of cryptocurrencies for short-term growth. Last strokes of the tail of the cycle metaverse, triggered by the important Facebook ad? We are not completely convinced, because some data coming from the market allows us to be more optimistic even in the medium and long term.

  • The initiatives on Decentraland continue

Last in chronological orderICE Poker NFT Drop, which will take place today, when it will be dinner time in Italy. Initiative that also concerns NFT unique and collectible with which decorate their characters. An initiative for many like many that have already been hosted by the network, but which for us is yet another sign of the great strength of this protocol, which today is the first multiverse by frequentation by users, by money spent by them and by the pace at which new initiatives are offered.

Also The Sandbox recently hosted the arrival of 10 unique avatars in a collection NFT managed by Lady Pixy. An initiative that literally sent fans of the network into raptures – and this is also a sign of the great commercial capacity of this network to offer itself to customers and companies looking for advertising.

Facebook will arrive hopelessly late

The most important signal that comes to us from the markets, however, is this: i metaverse they will be the next big thing, or the next niche to make the boom in the sector of blockchain. The initiative of Facebook will help make this new way of interact online popular, but protocols like Decentraland And The Sandbox have already amassed a technological advantage and reach which will be very difficult for Facebook bridge the gap.

Even with its huge user base, which however is demographically less relocatable within the metaverse. This is what investors around the world are betting on – who seem to want to confirm today that what they have earned these days from MANA and from the rest of the sector it can now be considered as an organic value. There will still be fun, even if within a possibly volatile market. Volatility that we can always take advantage of with the right platforms. 

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