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Deutsche Bank: BTC will stay here forever despite high volatility

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Germany is a country that has recently become increasingly open to the full acceptance of cryptocurrencies. This time, the analyst of the banking giant Deutsche Bank, who perceives,, looked at the development BTC as a great future.

Deutsche Bank: BTC at an advantage

Marion Laboure works as an analyst for Deutsche Bank. According to her, BTC will be rightly recognized in the foreseeable future like digital gold, which will persist in the world for many centuries and without strong government control.

However, the warning to investors is huge volatility. Therefore, it should be added that BTC is more suitable for speculative investment. We do not yet imagine it as a means of exchange.

“BTC is extremely volatile today to be a reliable store of value. And this quality will not just disappear.”

However, according to Laboure, BTC will retain the advantage of the first move. Although its use is smaller and its impact on the environment is greater, it will still be a unit. ETH will remain the strongest competitor and will retain its influence in the decentralized DeFi area.

“If BTC is digital gold, ETH is and will remain digital silver.”

BTC is a cryptocurrency that is too important and strong. So it’s not good to ignore it. According to several Deutsche Bank analysts, cryptocurrencies will replace fiat currencies by 2030.

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