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Disney Selects Polygon to Join Its Program Focusing on NFTs, AI and AR

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Walt Disney invited Polygon Network (MATIC) to its 2022 Accelerator Program of the Year. This year’s “Disney Accelerator” will focus on the metaverse and Web 3.0.

According to Walt Disney, its focus is on building a future with immersive experiences such as augmented reality (AR) technologies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and artificial intelligence (AI).

As Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt highlighted, Polygon was the only layer 2 project selected by Disney. This, according to him, says a lot about the work being done on the network. Furthermore, he pointed out that the choice of Polygon reflects where the MATIC project is heading.

Disney’s selection

Including the polygon a total of six companies were selected by Disney, they are:

  • Flickplay – a social Web 3.0 application that allows users to discover NFTs linked to real-world locations;
  • Inworld – a platform that allows users to create AI-driven interactive characters;
  • Lockerverse – a Web 3.0 platform that empowers creators and brands to tell stories that define culture;
  • Obsess – an e-commerce platform that allows brands to create virtual stores of 3D items;
  • Red 6 – an AR company that created a patented headset and interface that works outdoors.

Disney’s Accelerator program will begin later this week. It will connect its participants with “the creativity, imagination and Disney experience”. In addition, each company will receive guidance from Disney’s senior leadership.

The media company is committed to using technology to build future entertainment experiences. According to Bonnie Rosen, Disney’s program general manager, the move is in line with the company’s mission to leverage technology to build these experiences.

Finally, he said that for nearly a century Disney has been at the forefront of using technology.

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