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Do you even know who pays Bitcoin development?

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Do you even know who pays Bitcoin development?

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency king is constantly moving forward, according to a new report from BitMEX. However, do you even know who pays for Bitcoin development? Dozens of companies, which are mostly non-profit organizations operating on the basis of lobbying and sponsoring.


The cryptocurrency king is still at the center of most development activity. Nonprofit organizations such as Chaincode Labs and MIT DCI are among the largest contributors to the network. However, it is particularly interesting that Square Crypto, which is controlled by billionaire and owner of the Twitter social network, Jack Dorsey, has also come to the fore in recent months.


According to a report by BitMEX 33, there are groups that assert their interests on the network. But there is no dispute that the flagship of the imaginary cryptocurrency fleet has good human resources to draw on.


Interestingly, the former lead player The Bitcoin Foundation, for example, fell into oblivion. Technically, the group is still active, but has not actually been involved in any development.


The difference between Altcoins and Bitcoin is in centralization. Not in the technical, but in the human resources. Altcoins usually operate on one foundation. However, Bitcoin, as an open-source project, must fight for every change that is needed. Will there be another fork of the network?

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