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Do you know when to earn the most on Bitcoin?

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Do you know when to earn the most on Bitcoin?

Although cryptocurrencies were previously viewed with great skepticism, these times are long gone. Cryptocurrencies are now traded 24 hours and 7 days a week everywhere in the world. Many investors have therefore begun to notice when Bitcoin is rising and when Bitcoin is falling. Interesting findings show that Asian markets are the most profitable for cryptocurrencies.


When Does Bitcoin Grow and When Does Bitcoin Fall? Asian markets buy everything they see

Joyce Yang is CEO of Global Coin Research. He visited a podcast on April 5 to talk about his investment strategy, which is based on a close monitoring of culture and how each time zone behaves in the markets.

There are three traditional zones in the business world. Tokyo, New York and London. The first one brings huge capital to the market.

Yang said:

“China is the second largest market. Compound has over 27% of its traffic from China and Taiwan. DYdX has 25% volume from China. ”

Growth during China’s trading hours is also culturally rooted. In the Rise of Money, Professor Niall Fergusone attributes this phenomenon to the extremely rapid rise of the Chinese economy. People simply do not want to spend on stupidity, but at the same time have an abundance of money. So they invest to improve themselves and their state.

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