February 28, 2021


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Does the price match to Bitcoin halving? History says no

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Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital said that his fund did not consider the price before halving adequate. According to a respected fund manager, Bitcoin needs to balance profitability again. But when will it come? What will be the price after halving?

Does the price match to Bitcoin halving? History says no

Price after halving: History is clear, but coronavirus is a danger

Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony Pompliano has a very strong base on Twitter. He decided to share with her how the Fund sees developments in the coming days. According to him, the price still has to reflect the approaching halving, which will raise the price of mining.

Pompliano used a simple argument of the demand-supply relationship. The demand would have to fall by 50% at once so that halving could not withstand this pressure. Such a situation may occur with respect to coronavirus, but it does not seem likely. As for the king of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin.

But global markets are still in danger, and everyone expects what happens next.


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