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Doomsday season 2 NFTs to be minted on May 15

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After a successful first season, in which the top player won 255 ETH, play-to-earn game Doomsday will hold a second run starting May 15.

Doomsday is an on-chain survival game in which players live beneath cities on the brink of an Apocalypse.

Doomsday season 2 NFTs to be minted on May 15

In the game, as the Apocalypse unfolds, interplanetary debris bombards Earth, annihilating the survivors until only a single bunker survives.

The first season ran on the ETH mainnet. But the new season will run on Polygon, which can lead to lower rates and faster interactions with the game in season two.

Additionally, according to the developers, bunkers that are destroyed will automatically be converted into collectible NFTs on the Polygon sidechain, and players will retain full ownership.

There are a total of 38,611 bunkers, one for each city in the world, and 1,000 survivors. Multiple survivors can reside in the same bunkers, but cannot be moved after the season has started.

The mint rate for bunkers is 60 MATIC. Meanwhile, Survivors can be minted for 20 MATIC, and each bunker booster will start from 60 MATIC and double in price.


The player who takes the full prize will receive 85% of the mint fees for the bunkers and the project developers will receive 14% of the profits. Finally, the remaining 1% will be divided among other winners according to rules published by the team.

During the game, a new bomb will be dropped in a certain radius on the map every 3-4 minutes. The drop is random and will affect multiple bunkers at once.

That way, players in the hit radius who confirm a hit will receive 6 MATIC as an incentive. While in the attack radius, bunkers cannot be reinforced or evacuated.

“Any surviving Bunkers can be evacuated as long as they are not in a blast radius awaiting a hit confirmation. The Bunker will be destroyed, but the owner will receive a share of the prize. As more bunkers are destroyed, this should raise the price floor for those that remain.”

Doomsday season 2 NFTs to be minted on May 15

In addition, Bunkers can also be sold. In season one, a player sold one of the top 1% surviving bunkers for 4.3 wETH, valued at over $13,000.

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