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Doublicat is spreading through the Internet. Just click once to create a deep fake gif with your face.

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Doublicat 1

Last summer, FaceApp has been improved on social networks, initially playing with any human face that has turned into an old man, the opposite sex, or even a child, so that the professional community can then ask how it is about storing personal data somewhere on Russian servers .

With the advent of January, other iOS and Android app began to spread. This time it is called Doublicat (download here) and promises to create deep fake gifs in one click. Just take a picture and choose from dozens of short memo animations with celebrities or scenes from movies and series.

  • First you have to agree to process your photo and take a picture.

The program then replaces the actor or actress with your face, and in some cases it does quite well. It depends on how you took a picture and whether you chose a head that is anatomically as close to yours as possible. You can share the result on social networks.

Doublicat 2

In the next step, you will select one of many movie and TV scenes and the service server will map your face to the actor or actress’s head.

As in the case of last year’s FaceApp, of course, this time, too, the potential risk is abundantly discussed, as data processing takes place on the server of the service abroad. The operator of Doublicat promises to delete the vector data identifying the basic facial features immediately after the animation is generated, but it is difficult to say whether this is true.

Because the human face image – taken from the front camera – is a biometric indication, so you should only lend it to a sufficiently trustworthy service. In the upcoming era of all kinds of deep fake identity fraud, it could be misused and mapped your face model into a robbery video, for example.

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