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DragonMaster, Gods Unchained and ZionVerse – new features

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With the hype surrounding metaverse and games, platform developers focused on this ecosystem are announcing several new features.


The first one is about the metaverse game ZionVerse which announced that players can now buy a Lakshmi NFT avatar that will be essential in the game.

These NFTs will be characters that will provide a number of significant benefits, many of which impact the player’s overall earning potential.

For example, Goddess Lakshmi symbolizes wealth and prosperity in Indian culture. So this NFT is designed to help players earn more money.

Inspired heavily by Indian culture, ZionVerse is a UGC platform. In it, players will incorporate various goddesses, gods and demigods from Indian mythology. Meanwhile, they explore user-created games with play-to-earn (p2e) mechanics.

According to the project developers, future updates will include mythologies from other cultures as well.

It is possible to buy a Lakshmi NFT through the official website of the project for 101 USDC each. However, you must open a Vauld account to complete your purchase.

DragonMaster and Gods Unchained

Another game with new features is DragonMaster, a new p2e game contextualized in a metaverse of superpowerful Dragons.

Users can collect, capture, complete quests and lead dragon battles with other players. DragonMaster takes place in Lemuria, the world of dragons. Lemuria has multiple realms and each realm is home to a unique type of dragon.

The game announced that the first sale of the avatar dragon eggs required to participate in the game will take place between December 24th and 28th. Then, on December 30th, the game will launch a beta test.

Finally, who is also with news is the Gods Unchained who announced three new ways to buy the cards necessary to enter the metaverse.

In addition to using ETH, players can now buy and list cards with GODS (Gods Unchained), USDC and IMX (Immutable X) tokens.

Therefore, players now have two uses for their GODS tokens: forging Core cards and buying cards from the market. The GODS token was recently listed on Coinbase.

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