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Drunk Robots Metaverse Adds Drunk Races

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Drunk Robots metaverse has announced that its players can now buy cars for their robots to race and earn more JUNK and METAL tokens. Users now rely on Drunk Cars in Drunk Races.

Drunk Robots already have two minigames and passive staking options to earn METAL and JUNK. And the latest addition to their repertoire is a passive racing event called Drunk Races.

In Drunk Races, players choose a car and a robot to participate in the races. Players can enter the races as much as they like, although it involves paying a GAS fee.

The first place receives 80 METAL, the second 40 and the third 20.

Although the initial sale of Robots is now over, there are still several unbought boxes available on the Liquidifty market for 15,000 METAL. As for the carts, they cost 500 METAL to mint.

According to the developers, the cars are manufactured with random stats including stability, speed, accuracy and mileage. All aspects affect race results except mileage.

After all, mileage determines how far the cart can run before it needs to be repaired/upgraded. The carts come in five different types (boat, wooden crate, armchair, barrel and fridge) with five possible wheel sets (skis, trolley wheels, big wheel, drifter slicks and bicycle wheels).

Drunk Robots Metaverse Adds Drunk Races

As the developers highlighted, this initial cart collection is limited to 2,000 in total. Of these, 1,350 will be common, 450 rare, 150 epic, and only 50 legendary. Carts are available for minting on the Drunk Races page.

Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots is a blockchain game that features crazy robots as the main protagonists of its future Los Machines world. Players must rule the city by restoring sanity to drunk robots in the game.

The in-game economy is powered by a dual token system; the $METAL and $JUNK tokens. The METAL token is the main utility and in-game token and with it players will also be able to unlock special upgrades and modes.

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