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Edward Snowden warns people against the Shiba Inu project

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If you are monitoring the cryptocurrency market on a daily basis, you have certainly noticed the ongoing mania around dogs coin meme. He also commented on the situation Edward Snowden, known from the revelation of one of the world’s greatest cases.

Edward Snowden vs. Shiba Inu

Opinions are beginning to appear on the market, explicitly warning traders and investors about the project Shiba Inu. Edward Snowden is also, who is convinced that SHIB’s time is over. In his latest post on twitter, he even called on people to immediately take profits from the project.

Hands off Shiba Inu

October was marked by dog cryptocurrency, no doubt about it. The Dogecoin killer proved himself 826% evaluation to get up to TOP 10 cryptocurrencies according to the total market capitalization. Snowden said he didn’t care that people bought such waste. However, he warns people who have sold valuables and suspended other projects just to buy SHIB. And that can be very dangerous.

In any case, demand does not calm down. People caught even more attention when they read the news about how someone bought a SHIB token worth $ 8,000 and after a year he had $ 5.7 billion in his account. However, this condition cannot last forever.

CEO of the company Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, recently compared SHIB to Musk’s Tesla company on his twitter. According to him, they have something in common. Both attract new players in the world of cryptocurrencies and benefit the most.

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