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El Salvador: Veterinary hospital is born

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We had some spoken a little less than 1 month ago. Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, had then announced the construction of a veterinary hospital which would be financed entirely by the profits the country made with its BTC fund.

Promise, at least at the level of the start of the works, kept, with the symbolic first excavation which took place yesterday, with consequent declaration of victory by Bukele, which is making a very unscrupulous use, on a political level, of its intuitions on BTC.

Overall, however, a success story for all the Salvadoran people, who brings home a new facility for the care of animals, in a country where endemic poverty makes it impossible for a large part of the population to access this type of services.

Excavations have begun – Bukele celebrates

El Salvador he has already achieved some very interesting returns from his initial investment in BTC. The country, as our readers already know, has a fund that is connected to the Chivo App, the official one to use BTC and have ready conversion to the dollar at any time.

Fund that is worth 150 million dollars and which is divided 50% between BTC and USD and which therefore, as the value of BTC increases, allows the El Salvador government to have liquidity available for parallel projects. The first to be announced in this regard was the construction of a veterinary hospital – whose works symbolically started yesterday.

“This hospital was built with the profits of BTC. If we had listened to who was against BTC, we wouldn’t have this hospital now. This veterinary hospital, which was not built by the state but will be built by Chivo, will charge a symbolic price of $ 0.25 for each surgery, no matter how important it is. “

This is the statement from the president of El Salvador, which is, as already mentioned during the introduction, focusing a lot on the great political showcase that the success of the operation BTC is offering him. Furthermore, according to the latest rumors, there may be further projects philanthropic which El Salvador could take advantage of by virtue of bull run of BTC on the markets.

Schools soon too?

According to rumors circulating in the last few hours, an additional part of the funds earned by the country through the increasingly advantageous exchange rate between BTC And USD they could be used for the construction of new schools in the country.

We remind our readers that when we talk about El Salvador we are referring to a country whose history has been plagued by political instability and endemic poverty, with one of the worst economic performances ever.

A country that is trying to raise its head, economically speaking, also passing from the step of adopting BTC as legal tender currency, which on the one hand will save huge amounts on immigrants’ remittances – and which on the other hand is making a lot of money for the sovereign fund linked to Chivo, the official wallet developed by the government itself.

Maybe it can’t be BTC to push alone towards the economic revival of this small country, but it would still be an important step towards financial solidity for the country led by Bukele. And even if only the returns in terms of schools and hospitals were to come out of this operation, it would still be a great gain for El Salvador and its citizens.

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