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Elon Musk and Daniel Craig appear in a new crypto scam!

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Elon Musk and Daniel Craig appear in a new crypto scam!

A new crypto scam has appeared on YouTube and other social media. It promises high returns with “support” by Elon Musk and Daniel Craig.


Advertising on YouTube with “support” by Elon Musk


Business Insider has recently discovered that the scam known as “Bitcoin Era” continues to attract potential victims with new tactics. He uses names such as the founder of Tesla Elon Musk and Hollywood actor Daniel Craig.


This scam is promoted through a new YouTube ad that appears as an “Blitz News” article. Producers of “No Time to Die” announced earlier this month that the movie will be delayed due to coronavirus. The ad uses this message to attract readers, but comes across something else when they click.


Click the link to read a fake post titled “The British listen to Daniel Craig from 007 and earn millions from home”.


Fraud promises potential victims that they can become millionaires within four months.


YouTube refused to comment, but a person familiar with the matter informed the Business Insider that the YouTube platform had removed the ad.


“Bitcoin Era” is widely supported by the Internet


YouTube has removed this specific ad, but we’ve found that “Bitcoin Era” is still heavily promoted.


In January of this year, a website that acts as a cryptographic news article published an article entitled “Bitcoin Era Review: Scam or Legit Robot? The Results Revealed! ”Of course, the article positively rated the “business robot”.


The author claims he has tested this tool and concluded that “Bitcoin Era” is “the top robotic dealer in BTC, one of the most popular this year”. However, he misleads the reader by claiming that the robot has been mentioned in several Facebook ads and is supported by celebrities such as Richard Branson and Gordon Ramsay. He admits, however, that “there is no evidence that these celebrities are using this app”.


The article also mentions reviews that say that some users make up to $ 5,000 daily profits using “Bitcoin Era”, which is total nonsense, even for any legitimate tool.


The article even has a comment section where readers can express their opinions or ask questions. One user asked whether the robot was safe or not, which he received an answer to:


“Yes, Chloe, ‘Bitcoin Era’ is a very safe, reliable and well-known robot that is used by many people and is internationally recognized. It’s 100% safe because you don’t have to worry about your money when investing. ”


Last year service Which? reported that such scams have cost victims up to $ 260,000.

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