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Elrond surpassed $ 200

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Only 2 days have passed since the rapid decline of the entire cryptocurrency market, when several cryptocurrencies fell by 20-30 percent in a few minutes. Currently, however, it looks as if there is no slump and the market is dominated by green again.

Elrond is gaining strength

ETH’s main competitors – Elrond and Solana – are doing very well. These are cryptocurrencies that have now surpassed the $ 200 mark and recorded profits in the last 24 hours in the tens of percent. But what drives these smart chains forward? There are several factors, and it is certainly not possible to answer. However, we will go through the most probable scenarios.

The reasons for Elrond’s growth are not so clear-cut. However, several analysts and community members have agreed that the upcoming launch is contributing to this growth Maiar DEX which is entering its last sharp testing phase.

“Battle of Yields” – $ 100,000 Reward

In the final phase before the launch of Maiar DEX, Elrond’s developers are launching a competition called Battle of Yields, where the prize is $ 100,000. This competition will run for 2 weeks, starting on September 14. It will be divided into 3 categories – battle of yields, security, community contribution.

The total remuneration will be divided between these categories. The goal of the entire competition is to perform stress tests of the entire system, find possible code errors or bugs that hackers could use in the future and steal resources. The last category will be the contribution of the community in similarly different content – useful tools, graphs, statistics and the like.

Who earns the most?

As mentioned above, one of the categories is yield wars. Each starts with the same number of test devices. Swaps, provide liquidity to increase your overall portfolio value and win the Battle of Yields. Only registered accounts will have access to test resources. Sending and receiving test funds and other tokens to strengthen other accounts will result in disqualification or significant penalties for those accounts.

You can get a valuable prize without any risk. The funds allocated to this competition are $ 25,000. Here’s how to get involved:

Go to page Battle of Yields

Sign in with Maiar

Enter the address of your Battle of Yields wallet – it may be the same as your Maiar address, but it is recommended to use a new one.

Enter your username on the telegram

Watch these important channels: Maiar Exchange, Maiar Exchange Ann a Twitter Maiar

Participants who are eligible for rewards will first need to complete the KYC.

The competition starts on Tuesday, September 14 at 11:00 UTC and lasts until Tuesday, September 28, at 11:00 UTC.

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