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Enjoy free time: Coursera and Coinbase Earn courses

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Enjoy free time: Coursera and Coinbase Earn courses

Do you know Coinbase Earn and Coursera’s webinars? If not, we will briefly introduce both projects and what you can take from them during the coronavirus crisis. We will also show you basic courses that you can take for free to expand your knowledge in cryptocurrencies, trading and blockchain.



Enjoy free time: Coursera and Coinbase Earn courses


Coursera is a web platform that offers hundreds of courses from a huge variety of disciplines. From history to cryptocurrencies to trading. On this platform are the best courses just about him. For example, you can learn how technical analysis works, which is very popular among crypto currency traders. The local courses are quite time consuming and very detailed. However, the coronavirus crisis will allow sufficient time.


I can recommend this course, which will offer the acquisition of skills and create your own unique business strategy. It is very easy to lose money without maintaining a consistent strategy.


Coinbase Earn


Coinbase Earn is from a little different keg. With a Coinbase account, you will be able to earn cryptocurrencies for learning how they work. It should be noted that the amounts are not exactly small and you can get 50 USD. The great thing is that USD is converted into cryptocurrencies. This means that if you take courses today, you will earn enough on the market and your position will be larger. Courses consist of videos and focus on goals and technologies.

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