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ETH Classic introduces its NFT collection “ETCPunks”

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For many blockchain projects, entering the NFT space is a way to stimulate price growth and user activity while attracting attention. ETH Classic (ETC) has also recently tried this strategy.

ETH Classic – “ETCPunks”

ETH Classic posted information about the NFT project, ETCPunks, on its Twitter account, responding to criticisms that it did not have its own NFT and also asked the question: What did you say about ETC and NFT?

If the trader looks at the project ETC Punks, he may like the ETH CrуptoPunk series from Larva Labs. On Twitter, ETC Punks tried to point out the difference between the two collections and emphasized that Larva Labs was not involved in creating the tokens.

ETH Classic hopes to attract the most influential players or even compete with the second largest blockchain by market capitalization. The ETC Punks collection consists of pixel avatars on a green background. The key difference between the ETH Classic NFT project is that the purchases will be made randomly and the characteristic noise or uniqueness of the NFT will be revealed only after the transaction.

Ethereum Classic introduces its NFT collection

At the time of publication of the article on the ETC Punks website, it was written that 5,463 of the 10,000 characters remained.

Launching NFT projects can bring new users to the blockchain scene, ETH being an example. Over the last seven days, sales of the ETH CrуptoPunk collection on OpenSea have increased by 1,178.81%, representing a volume of 131,409.74 ETH. In addition, when you look at the statistics from З. quarter 2020 to З. quarter of 2021, then sales at OpenSea increased by about 141,847%.

As for ETH Classic’s own prize, at the end of October altcoin went through a significant sale. As a result, its price dropped below $ 50.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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