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ETH enters Bakkt

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Also ETH continues to enlarge his reach – and it does it this time with the platform Bakkt – that our readers will remember why linked to Mastercard for the next debut of the group in the crypto world.

The good news for ETH is that Bakkt has just expanded its offering, including the second cryptocurrency and the second network by market capitalization, in an unexpected move that could have very interesting effects on the adoption of ETH.

Bakkt adds ETH to all of its services

Bakkt is a publicly traded company that has been offering services on BTC, which include the custody, as well as the possibility of buying and selling it. Now, according to a press release from the company, it will soon be possible to use all the services with ETH.

At Bakkt we offer flexible opportunities to all users – for them to enjoy their digital assets. Our main concern is adding ETH allows us to bring a popular and growing cryptocurrency to our list. Our users are already used to using BTC and we are confident that they will be able to enjoy the same opportunities with ETH as well.

This is the comment of the CEO of the group Gavin Michael, with his group listed on the NYSE which after the agreement with Mastercard became one of the groups more interesting than the crypto sector. Through its services it will be possible to buy and sell ETH, as well as use them as a payment method. All the services that are now available for $ BTC will also be available for $ ETH.

Great week for ETH, which is holding above $ 4,500

An excellent week that of ETH, which reached its all-time high a few days ago and which today continues to maintain above the important psychological support of the $ 4,500, a target that had to be reached by the end of the year and that instead, with the cryptocurrency that led the recovery of the entire sector alt, has become objective, outdated, in the short term.

The next goal to which everyone is looking, provided of course that ETH is able to sustain a further one bull run in short, it is that of $ 5,000 which could become the new price base pending the transition to version 2.0, that is in PoS for the validation of transactions and no longer in PoW. ETH has shown excellent relative strength, despite the usual problems related to transactions and their costs, at a time of great attention for the sector NFT and of DeFi.

Both sectors where competition is getting stronger. The acceptance of Bakkt, generally very conservative on the expansion of the cryptocurrency audience, however, demonstrates once again – if there was a need, that in reality, even in terms of sentiment and market appreciation, ETH still has that extra edge. Furthermore, the entry on this service automatically makes ETH available also for the developments of MasterCard in the crypto world.

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