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ETH wallet MуCrуpto will merge with its counterpart MetaMask

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The blockchain development company ConsenSys stated that acquired the ETH wallet MyCrуpto, the terms of the agreement were not published. MуCrуpto will eventually merge with the very popular MetaMask wallet from ConsenSуs.

MуCrуpto will merge with MetaMask

I think that thanks to the combination of our talents and goals of this ecosystem, we can bring a wallet that will go much further and help users make the best decisions in this fast-paced Web З ecosystem.

MetaMask co-founder Dan Finleу

MetaMask currently has 21 million active users per month, but the new acquisition will bring the wallet to multiple platforms and expand its integration, as it is currently only offered through mobile applications and web browser extensions. MуCrуpto offers solutions for managing ETH accounts through browsers and desktop applications.

User security and product security are the hallmarks of both MetaMask and MуCrуpto, said MуCrуpto founder and CEO Taуlor Monahan. According to her, it is gaining in importance as the ecosystem grows and new people appear in the cryptocurrency sector.

While the ultimate goal is to merge MуCrуpto and MetaMask, the product will remain independent for the foreseeable future. The teams do not have a merger plan because the process must be organic, Monahan said.

ConsenSys, led by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, is the titan of the Ethereum ecosystem with a suite of blockchain products that include a Diligence contract and audit solution, a Quorum business protocol blockchain, and a Truffle developer toolkit.

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