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ETH worth $ 2.6 million was stolen from the DeFi project Fantasm Finance

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On March 9, the decentralized financial service Fantasm Finance fell victim to a hacker who managed to steal 1,007 ETH coins worth over $ 2.6 million at the current exchange rate.

Another hack and another cryptocurrency for $ 2.6 million

The attacker took advantage of the Fantasm Mint smart contract, took a large number of Fantasm XFTM (XFTM) tokens, exchanged them for ETH and sent digital assets to his wallet. The criminal then transferred ETH to a TornadoCash mixer so that he could seize the stolen virtual currency.

Fantasm Finance staff asked all users to pick up their locked XFTMs and also transferred the token from the liquidity pool to avoid losing coins. Experts promise to publish a report on the incident and compensate the victims of the attack.

According to cyber security experts, several people followed the example of an unknown hacker and exploited the vulnerability of the ill-fated Fantasm Mint. They removed the vast majority of the remaining digital assets from the pool. The exact amount of damage is not yet known, but it will certainly exceed the original amount of $ 2.6 million.

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