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Ethereum Foundation supports decentralized identity verification

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Ethereum Foundation said in a recent announcement that it supports Spruce’s vision for decentralized identity verification. Spruce thus believes that his login system can offer a decentralized alternative.

Ethereum Foundation: Data security and identity verification

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) and the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) said in a recent announcement that they support the proposed ETH secure login system from Spruce software.

Spruce was selected after submitting proposals for foundations that encouraged developers and software companies. The announcement states that Spruce aims to give users control over their own online identities and offer an alternative to the transfer of personal data.

“We are excited to announce that Spruce’s proposal has been selected as the winner. We have already started a best practice survey, user survey, specification design and system implementation. ”

Spruce notes that the ETH ecosystem already has tens of millions of active users signing their keys for financial transactions, community management and more. The company intends to work closely with the ETH Foundation. The Spruce team states:

“The security of these wallets has been proven in billions of dollars. By standardizing this workflow, millions of Ethereum users will be able to use the digital identity they fully control to seamlessly access the Web. ”


We may see more control over our personal data in the near future. In this sense, decentralization provides great security and emphasizes security. Just keep going.

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