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Euro 2020 and cryptocurrencies go hand-in-hand this year

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • It is known to every soccer enthusiast that UEFA Euro 2020 finals will be happening on July 11.
  • England and Italy soccer teams will take up arms against each other in the match.
  • This time, people can enjoy the match the crypto way using gambling platforms accepting crypto.

Euro 2020 and cryptocurrencies will be partners this year for soccer enthusiasts and gamblers. Those who enjoy gambling and do it for fun can definitely put their money on the team they think will win.

The match will be fought in July 2020 between two soccer giants, Italy and England. Both teams have great potential and seek to win the gold, i.e., UEFA European Football Championship 2020.

Euro 2020 and cryptocurrencies

The Euro 2020 and cryptocurrencies are a representation of how gradually the entire world is accepting cryptocurrencies. There are major websites that have not allowed gamblers to invest in cryptocurrencies like BTC, Ripple, Dogecoin, ETH, and other major currencies. These gambling websites have also provided their customers with numerous fun games that can be played using crypto.

The viewership of the Euro 2020 finals would eclipse all the major events that have transpired thus far considering the semi-finals were watched by over 25.7 million users in the country. The soccer and crypto enthusiasts would be ready for Euro 2020 and cryptocurrencies will be by their side.

Cryptocurrencies have found their way into the soccer world

Those who put their money in the prediction market have been able to do this with the help of cryptocurrencies. Every major marketplace is now accepting cryptocurrencies for payments. Although considering the streaming websites and service provides, not many of them accept crypto payments but, gradually we are seeing a positive change.

Considering events like when a fan, who wore a t-shirt of “WTF coin”, ran into the game field, show that there is no shortage of Euro 2020 and cryptocurrencies enthusiasts.

The transition doesn’t end here but is just in the initial phase. UEFA or Union of European Football Associations, the organization behind the twice-in-a-year soccer game, has signed up on a deal with AntChain, seeking to further the influence of crypto in the world of soccer. This will open the partnership between Euro 2020 and cryptocurrencies to NFTs, and another promotional blockchain tech.

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