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Factors suggest that the price of Ethereum by the end of the year will be at $ 6,000

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Ethereum will go to $ 6,000
source: Overearth

ETH, one of the most famous mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP, LTC and XMR, is sovereign this year the most profitable and most pronounced cryptocurrency in the field of change and innovation. This trend could continue at the end of this year.

ETH has undergone a huge number of changes this year. More will come even later this month. October 27, 2021 should occur Altair update. It will bring a big change to Beacon Chaine. The main goal is a complete transition to the new staking version of ETH 2.0.

Will the bullish trend continue ?!

Cryptocurrencies are still found in bullish trend. And that means one thing – it covers everything, even cryptocurrencies without fundamentals. Cryptos like ETH have even better potential, where development can be seen in practically all sectors that ETH takes care of. Without Ethereum by not most of the cryptocurrencies and probably not even the DeFi world. Maybe something else would come up with, but it is questionable to what extent it would be so revolutionary.

True, ETH also has major disadvantages such as charges or network utilization. But it was the great expansion of the entire ecosystem of the ETH network that compensated for practically all the disadvantages that the second largest cryptocurrency has.

Nobody wants to sell ETH

Ethereum coin


ETH coin, source: CryptoQuant

Another interesting factor is the low interest in selling Ethereum. Most coins are currently on wallets out of exchanges and out of live trading. But this number is still increasing. Hodlers thus have a high level of confidence in the second largest cryptocurrency and are not yet going to sell or speculate. On the contrary, interest in buying is growing significantly and this may also be the main factor driving the price of ETH upwards.

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