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Famous series The Walking Dead to release game on blockchain Gala

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The Walking Dead series will have its first game run on the blockchain. The game, titled The Walking Dead: Empires, was announced on Monday, but will only be released in 2022.

According to the series’ official Twitter profile, the game will have multiplayer mode and will be released on the Gala blockchain. The network specializing in games and NFTs is one of the main highlights this year.

Announcing The Walking Dead: Empires, a massively multiplayer survival game based on Gala’s blockchain. Grab a piece of the post-apocalyptic world of TWD today, then get ready to fight the top in 2022. Buy #NFT Claim Dead:

While the game does not take shape, it is possible to acquire six NFTs inspired by the series. The collection has six types of NFTs, ranging from the Uncommon (uncommon) to the ancient (old one). Each token represents a piece of land on the game map; the rarer the NFT, the better the terrain available when the map is opened.

Examples of NFTs from The Walking Dead game.  Source: official website.

Examples of NFTs from The Walking Dead game. Source: official website.

Token prices are particularly savory: the cheapest costs 21,690 GALA, while the Ancient – ​​more expensive – costs up to 1.5 million GALA. 

Blockchain games turn new fever

The popularization of themes like the Metaverse and blockchain games boosted the sale of NFTs between 2020 and 2021. In this sense, many tokens already follow the path of The Walking Dead’s Dead Claim and are traded at millionaire figures right away.

Currently, the aggregate market value of NFTs has surpassed the $63 billion figure, with many collectible and utility tokens experiencing exponential valuations. In this market, networks such as Descentraland (MANA), Gala (GALA), The Sandbox (SAND), and several other blockchain games are laying the groundwork for the future of the Metaverse.

However, the price of GALA followed the opposite path and operated in correction in the last seven days.

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