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Fed Chairman: US is likely to enter recession soon!

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Fed Chairman: US is likely to enter recession soon!

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Thursday that the US may already be in recession. He warned against reducing restrictions. How long the restrictions will last will determine the spread of coronavirus infection.


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: Donald Trump must keep restrictions


In a television interview with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell talked about what he thought of the new $ 2.2 trillion package. According to him, the US administration has and will always have opportunities to support the economy. However, he could not answer how long the crisis would last.


Powell said:

“We don’t expect a pandemic to break out here, but we want to listen to medical experts.”

Only a week ago, only 9000 were infected. However, the curve fails to flatten and quickly gains strength.


President Donald Trump on Twitter urged GM and Ford to immediately start producing respirators to help fight the insidious virus from China. Like the FED, the President of the United States of America does its best to keep the market together. But It is quickly dropping.


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