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Fintech specialists predict that ETH will reach $ 5,114 this year, more than $ 50,000 by 2030

2 min read has published its “ETH Price Predictions Report,” according to which 50 fintech specialists expect ETH to reach $ 5,114 by the end of this year.

Fintech specialists estimate the price of Ethereum by over $ 5,000 by the end of the year

On Monday, Tim Falk and Richard Laycock of released a new report interviewing 50 fintech specialists discussing the second largest crypto-asset, Ethereum. Over the past 24 hours, ETH spot prices have hovered just above $ 4,000 – between $ 4,075 and $ 4,250 per coin. The Finder said analysts rated the survey as a “shortened average,” meaning that the top and bottom 10% of outliers were removed from the data.

The report predicts that ETH will reach $ 5,114 by the end of this year, and by 2025 the price of ETH will jump to $ 15,364 per coin. Experts also believe that the value of the second largest cryptocurrency may then more than triple by the end of 2030, reaching $ 50,788 per coin. The data show that 63% of panelists think the time is right to buy ETH, while 9% say the opposite. 28% of the panel members surveyed say that ETH holders should feast.

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Another interesting statistic is the expectation of the interviewed experts that ETH will lose 30% of its market share in the next year in favor of alternative Layer 1 (L1) networks. Daniel Polotsky, founder of Coinflip, thinks the ETH price will be $ 4,500 by the end of the year. Polotsky also thinks that the growth of Ethereum may one day outperform the primary crypto-active BTC.

“ETH is doing a better job of supporting development on its blockchain and will have a lighter proof-of-stake model than BTC, which means it could potentially be the backbone of Web 3.0,” Polotsky said in survey notes, adding:

“This leads me to believe that its growth rate may even exceed that of BTC in the next decade.”

The data also show that one in ten respondents believes that the Solana network will overtake ETH as the primary decentralized financial (defi) platform. Johannes Schweifer, CEO of Coreledger AG, is one of those who believes that SOL can overcome ETH in this way. According to Schweifer, Ethereum developers will not be able to solve network scaling problems.

“Blockchain ETH was not created for high throughput, and developers know this, while other Layer 1 solutions, such as Solana, did. With their maturity, the market will expand rapidly and gain a lion’s share of all new business that is not based solely on speculation, ”added Schweifer.s.

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