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First season of Axie Infinity Origin will have 1.45 million USD in rewards

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The first season of Axie Infinity Origin will start with a series of changes over the next few days, distributing $1,45 million in rewards to its players, which will be delivered in AXS tokens.

Everything indicates that the new season of the “king of crypto games” is being well received by the community, even after the historic hack in March 2022 that caused a big drop in the prices of its tokens, Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and AXS.

What will be the changes in the first season of the game?

The Axie Infinity team recently announced a phased roadmap with the next steps for the project. According to the announcement, these changes are born from the need to update the project to give the game a new air and recover the prices of SLP and AXS.

The changes that will be seen during Axie Infinity Origin Season 1 are:

Rank reward increase

In this new season, the amount to be distributed has been increased, with 112,000 AXS, almost double what was previously offered.

At the time of writing this agenda, this amount of AXS represents approximately $1.45 million. The player who reaches the first place in the world ranking is expected to earn more than $85 thousand in AXS.

Another important change is the number of players who will receive rewards, now being 40 thousand winners.

Player progression and crafting changes

Previously, as the player progressed in crafting, they received runes or amulets directly. Now, instead of receiving the rewards directly, the reward will be a special chest, where there will be non-NFT eligible items.

The rank-up rewards have also been changed, which will adjust the supply of runes and mystical amulets, giving NFT pieces a greater weight in the game.

Season length

The current season will last 60 days, unlike previous seasons that only lasted 30 days.

According to the team at Axie Infinity the idea of ​​increasing the duration of the season is intended for users to be able to progressively unlock and craft epic pieces.

The use of SLP is also maintained as a raw material for crafting some amulets and runes, but the amount needed has been increased by 25%. This works as a burning method.

Balance and attack order changes

Since the first version of Axie Infinity Origin was released, the team has been working to improve the game balance, so new patches are still in development.

To know if a player attacks first or second, a new strategy was implemented in Season 1 of Axie Infinity Origin: “Rock, Paper or Scissors”, where the winner starts the battle and the loser takes the second turn.

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