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FLOKI is scary in London

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FLOKI is scary in London

Who’s Afraid of Crypto? Looking at the news of the last few months for everyone – since the authorities around the world continue to shake their fists and insert ban here and there, whenever possible and under any pretext.

Last, but definitely not the least in regards to the potential for ridicule it will trigger, is the ban under discussion now in the city ​​of London, where some diligent politicians would like to ban crypto-themed advertisements, following the success of the Floki.

All this to protect citizens, which they would literally be assaulted by unethical operators and who use cryptocurrencies, even these anti-ethical ones par excellence, to strip them of their savings.

What is the city of London discussing?

Something science fiction – or the possibility of preventing the authority that deals with London transport to refuse any kind of themed advertising from now on cryptocurrencies. This comes after that FLOKI, one of the last meme token successful, literally flooded the popular and iconic with advertising subway of the city, to the printed cry of “You missed the train of Dogecoin? Buy Floki“.

An advertisement that a rational policy would deem something of which do not worry, however much it may actually be risky operate on this type of token, particularly if you don’t have no knowledge of the world of cryptocurrencies. But no – because the senior politicians in London seem to have already exerted pressure on the management of the subways – advertising standards to which the network should adapt.

They would already be there, since the TfL, that is the authority that manages everything related to transport in the capital of England, would already be sifting through other crypto-themed advertisements. They tell them to make sure that the content of the advertisement itself is in line with them ASA, or the Advertising Standards to which the entity conforms.

Standards that prevent the advertising on the metropolitan network of “doubtful” or “sensitive” topics. One might wonder what that is doubt And sensitive in this kind of commercial break, but we fear that waiting for a rational response from the authorities is in vain.

“Cryptocurrencies are not ethical” – thunders the Green politician

Just when the situation is so paradoxical as to leave little room for further steps forward towards the absurd, there is someone who tries anyway to surprise us. It is the case of Sian Berry, which in altitude greens occupies a seat in the city council:

Cryptocurrencies are unethical. Investors could lose their money.

To which one wonders if there are differences, let’s take the example, with the stock market – which instead is in the City one of its places of choice. But again, it is among the stripes that we invite everyone to read this series of events.

Control delusions, authoritarianism and hatred of crypto: the identikit

On the other hand, any kind of squeeze of this type is, in our humble opinion, a sign that the authorities, large or small, continue to fear an increase in cryptocurrencies and the arrival of the little ones on this market retail investors. Investors who traditionally invest in government bonds and in other titles a zero yield minus inflation which, however, fatten the state coffers.

A situation that, as expected, is a source of great concern for the rulers of half the world – in addition to the already clear financial and payment autonomy that most important networks of FLOKI, For example BTC they can guarantee.

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All content in this article is for informational purposes only and in no way serves as investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks is very risky and can lead to capital losses.

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