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Forbes: BTC Prize Will Shoot Up Because of US Money Printing!

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The American offshoot of the prestigious Forbes magazine has again written about the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Writer Billy Bambrough writes that the BTC will fire into the sky because of the way money is printed.

Forbes: BTC Prize Will Shoot Up Because of US Money Printing!

The government measures that the US is introducing will have a positive impact on price. The US has printed several trillion dollars over the past month to support its economy, which is halting as a result of the spread of the virus.

Two trillion USD: BTC price to respond to the market

About two trillion US dollars are to be inflated into the economy in the coming days. Lawmakers have also pushed helicopter money to boost the economy in the most remote areas of the US. Printing money seems the best solution. But is that so?

Bambrough’s article compares US policy well to Russian roulette. While the huge stimulus of the economy is inflating the bubble to keep it from bursting, nothing is endless and all the more it can hurt next time.

In his article he cites a number of leading industry leaders around cryptocurrencies and blockhain. For example, CEO Binance Changpenga Zhao, who after a long time wrote a philosophical post on his blog.

In it he writes:

Economic changes take time, it is not instantaneous in the case of huge social masses.

With Bambough from Forbes, this quote supports the idea that the huge pumping of FIAT into the economy must sooner or later affect the price of the dollar. And this is will be a crisis and Bitcoin will go on sale.

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