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Fortnite Creators Included NFT Game on Epic Store

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The creators of the famous Fortnite game announced that they have included in their video game store Epic Store, a new NFT title called Blankos Block Party.

Epic Game Store is considered one of the most trusted platforms for gaming and currently has over 194 million users, meaning a huge expansion opportunity for an NFT game.

Blankos Block Party is currently in the “Early Access” phase, so all players who wish can join for free.

The game will have a space to carry out various activities, including races, fights with laser weapons, parkour and many others.

How to access the Early Access of Blankos Block Party?

To participate in the Early Access of Blankos Block Party it is necessary to complete the following steps:

  1. Download version “Early Access” about the game.

  2. open your account using an active email, full name and country of origin.

  3. Create a password.

  4. Install the downloaded file.

  5. Wait for the updates to download.

  6. Connect with the previously established email and password.

  7. Accept the terms and conditions.

  8. Click on the “Play” button that appears on the left part of the screen.

NFTs Block Party Blankos

Each character was originally created by industry-leading designers like Quiccs, Tara McPherson and DJ Deadmau5.

However, the Blankos Block Party team is still looking for digital artists who want to collaborate on the project and thus continue the creation of new NFTs.

The NFT collections are limited edition, in other words they have a defined quantity available for sale during certain periods, aiming to generate greater value in the future due to the particularity of each piece.

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