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Gala Games announces release of Town Crush

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Recently, Gala Games released Town Crush, their test game for their new Gala Chain ecosystem. The game is accessible to all Gala users and is free-to-play. In other words, no initial investment is required. Gala Games’ goal is to test the new blockchain.

Town Crush is an obvious clone of Candy Crush. Your aim is to mix and match three items of the same type and score as many points as possible.

Items are elements of Town Star, such as crops, fruits, or even special equipment and buildings.

Also, the game is divided into levels, but the developers did not specify how many levels there are. Town Crush uses a token called “TEST”.

The token cannot be exchanged or traded, is not listed on any decentralized exchange, and will have no monetary value. In this way, users will earn a token that, so far, is not valid and is of no use.

Town crush

Once in the game, the user will earn TEST by completing levels and can spend them buying more lives or “bombs” to clear objectives faster.

Gala Games has already stated that this is not a ‘TOP’ title that they are proud to release to the market. Instead, it’s just a test for Gala Chain.

“It was designed to carry out more operations than necessary in the chain and stress it as much as possible”, they highlighted.

So, the main objective of the game is to find all the flaws before the public launch of the Gala Games network. Players are encouraged, but not rewarded, to find bugs.

To play the game, you must first have a Gala Games account. Anyone can register and the process is completely free.

By opening an account, the player enters the Gala ecosystem and can play Town Star and soon other Gala Games games or even sign up for the waitlist for other releases.

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