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Game Of Thrones Creators Will Release Free Version Of Their New P2E Game

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The creators of the famous series Game Of Thrones, informed recently new details about the release of a free version for the crypto game Freakzz, a new P2E project created by the famous designers.

Freakzz, is a project developed by designers Anthony Sieben, Leonardo Viti and Tom Nicolas Herzig that consists of a Play to Earn game and an NFT collection.

Anthony Sieben, Leonardo Viti and Tom Nicolas Herzig have worked with major brands and have been involved in various animation projects for Marvel, Disney and other entertainment industry leaders.

Details about Freakzz

Freakzz is a project developed on the ETH blockchain that has a collection of 9,999 NFTs, distributed among its characters: zombies, aliens, ghosts and vampires.

The game is inspired by classic video games and simultaneously incorporates the novelty of Web 3.0, in addition to being accessible from any browser.

In Freakzz, players must select their creatures and attack their opponents with unique spells until they beat their rival through different game strategies.

Winners receive prizes in stablecoins or stablecoins, which can be exchanged for cash or used to purchase character accessories on their marketplace.

Two game modes

Game Of Thrones designers thought of two options for playing Freakzz:

  1. Play for fun: Freakzz will have a free version, which will allow players to choose their favorite Freak and start playing on the battlefield. They will also be able to participate in weekly tournaments where the top 10 players will receive stablecoin rewards.
  2. Play and Win: In this paid version of the game, users will be able to purchase an NFT, which gives them access to the full game. They can wager chips before the battle begins and the winner will receive the full wagering rewards.

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