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Gaming is the right key to accepting cryptocurrencies

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Gaming is the way to go
Gaming. Source: Shutterstock, Gorodenkoff

According to the co-founder Axie Infinity is gaming the main key to taking cryptocurrencies. Games have always enjoyed a huge fan base around the world, and this can be an important factor for cryptocurrencies.

NFT Gaming is the right way to go

It is considered to be the largest NFT project ever created Axie Infinity. It is basically a game where the player fights various monsters. Jeff Zirlin is behind this mega successful project. The game has more than 1 million users and so far earned $ 2.1 billion. As with most game projects, Axia Infinity asks how the project can grow further?

Axie Infinity project

Jeff Zirlin answered similar questions at a conference in New York.

“The axie is only maybe 6% complete. We plan to modernize our combat system in the next 6 months. We also have DEX on the way, which I think our community is extremely excited about. ”

However, it is still questionable who will be involved in the development itself. Developer Studio Sky Mavis, who is behind the Axie project, wants to leave everything to the community. The project will therefore be gradual decentralized.

“There are so many game developers in the world who have great game ideas, but what are they missing? They lack a really strong IP and a community that is interested in gaming. “

According to Zirlin, creating new ones decentralized projects the key to success. There are projects such as Sorare, Decentraland and The Sandbox. A huge amount of funds was poured into them.

“Younger independent gaming studios are likely to incorporate blockchain faster than larger ones.”

Gaming may certainly be the right way to take cryptocurrencies.

“The crypto is far from receiving mainstream. But games can get us there. “

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