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God in the metaverse – Lagoinha Baptist Church debuts in the digital environment

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That the metaverse has been one of the hottest topics in the tech world since Facebook announced its name change to Meta is nothing new. But now, the news is that even “God” will migrate to the digital environment.

Lagoinha Baptist Church announced its official debut in the metaverse from April 13th. According to the announcement, the Church will become the first Brazilian religious denomination to “open” a temple in the metaverse.

According to the Christian Mais portal, the Lagoinha Church’s entry into the metaverse was developed by Lagoplay, Lagoinha’s ministry focused on developing online games and interactivity.

The entry into the virtual environment was carried out through the construction of a temple in the metaverse, in which services, shows and even children’s activities will be held.

“We are an online generation and we know that more and more people are entering and using the metaverse. Our idea has always been and will always be one: evangelism”, said Pastor André Valadão.

God in the metaverse

As the pastor highlighted, the Church must be present on the virtual reality platform to evangelize, pray for people and lead them to the Gospel.

“The church must be in the metaverse because, I believe, it is a place not only for online interactivity, but a virtual reality of people with people and we can also evangelize, pray for them and lead them to the Gospel,” he said.

Lagoinha in the metaverse will be a church with pastors, moderators and online leaders who will talk to platform users, pray for them and minister the Word of God.

“We will have exclusive events only in the metaverse”, said the pastor who will minister in the first service scheduled for 9 pm (Brasilia time) next Wednesday.

Those interested in following the cults in the metaverse can enter the portal

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