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Google Play Store has removed crypto-news apps

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Google Play Store has removed crypto-news apps

Until recently, the Google Play Store online sales distribution site offered crypto news applications. What happened?


Google Play Store has canceled the crypto news app


The Google Play Store app for smartphones seems to have had a problem with cryptocurrencies, or rather reports of them. Cointelegraph reports that it has dropped several major cryptocurrency and blockchain reporting applications, including theirs.


Intelligence cryptoweb apps, including Cointelegraph and CoinDesk, were no longer available in the Play Store this afternoon. Cointelegraph said the service had not contacted him about the planned removal of the app.


Nobody knows why


It is interesting to see how various companies and institutions have constantly confirmed the importance of decentralization to cryptocurrency fans . Have you noticed that before entering the cryptworld most of us practically didn’t even hear about any censorship?


On the contrary, from the time you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you will begin to perceive cases where restrictions or ban are coming from different sides. For example, Facebook recently blocked any ads related to cryptocurrencies. Youtube has been “cleaned” and despite the apology it seems that it is still in progress.


Some businessmen involved in the crypto have lost their banking services, which were essentially liquidated. Now, Google Play Store has removed crypto currency news sites. Cointelegraph states that its application yet “worked as usual, and we can’t easily explain why the app is no longer available.”


Indeed, it is these attacks on the cryptoworld that only confirm to us that decentralization is a step in the right direction. That various institutions and big companies hold too much power and can cut you off at will or disadvantage them as they please. Bitcoin, on the other hand, still functions as a decentralized payment option, which, although it still needs time to be used by more people, already allows secure payments without discrimination or cutting.




Google Store appears to have removed some crypto currency news apps. Is this another direct attempt at cryptocurrency censorship, or is there anything else?

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