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Hackers who hacked Bitfinex moved BTC for $ 3.6 billion | Robinhood will not add new coins, including SHIB

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The attackers transferred 94.6 thousand BTC to the new address. In 2016, almost 120,000 BTCs were stolen from the cryptocurrency exchange.

Hackers who hacked Bitfinex crypto-exchange in 2016 make themselves known again and part of the stolen funds transferred to another address. In total, the attackers transferred 94.6 thousand BTC ($ 3.6 billion, taking into account the current exchange rate as of February 1). Whale Alert Service noted more than 20 transactions.

When Bitfinex was hacked in 2016, hackers stole almost 120,000 BTCs.

In 2020, the trading platform announced that it had made no progress in identifying and finding intruders. Bitfinex officials said they would pay a $ 400 million reward to help find hackers and recover funds.


The new Robinhood announcement caused great disappointment to the Shiba Inu community, as they eagerly awaited SHIB listing on the platform.

Robinhood refused to introduce a new token on its platform. Company CEO Vlad Tenev is worried about adding new digital assets because they may turn out to be an unregistered security. To eliminate the risks, the site uses a protocol to evaluate coins, and SHIB apparently did not pass the test.

At the same time, Robinhood launched a beta test of cryptocurrency wallet. In addition, the project team plans to introduce a new cryptoproducts and debit card in the coming months.

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