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HashCash Consultants to Launch Blockchain-Based Real Estate Exchange

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Blockchain development firm HashCash Consultants has announced that it will launch a cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to real estate, according to a press release published on Oct. 15. The team describes the effort as an attempt to boost “the largest asset class” with pioneering technologies.

According to the release, the real estate-focused exchange will improve the various processes associated with purchasing real estate assets. The exchange will be designed with the principles of transparency, accessibility, efficiency, and security.

As is the case with decentralized systems, the platform is set to eliminate the need for intermediaries, lower the barrier of entry for investors, allow for global accessibility and increased security through multisig wallets.

As reported earlier in October, a Singaporean real estate enterprise is also working with HashCash to facilitate the fractional ownership of real estate properties. The platform will run on HashCash’s blockchain network HC Net.

Real Estate Tokenization is a Notable Trend in the Space

Real estate tokenization is a decidedly strong trend in the cryptocurrency space, with projects and incumbent companies both noting the technology’s ability to modernize legacy systems. Governments are also keen on leveraging the technology.

With blockchain, a crowd-first fractionalized ownership of real estate properties is possible. Multiple investors can buy affordable amounts of commercial property like a mall, and earn associated revenue/appreciation from it. The same goes for personal properties. Real estate tokenization is particularly popular in Europe, with several projects already having launched investment opportunities in the continent.

Multiple Projects Demonstrate Blockchain’s Real Estate Potential

France experienced its first real-estate sale on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in June 2019. Back then, a high-profile piece of property in western Paris was set to be tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain and sold for 6.5 million euros ($7.6 million).

Security token RealT was also listed on the Uniswap DEX in November 2019, reportedly becoming the first traditional security to do so. RealT allows investors from across the world to invest in US properties.

Most recently, security fund Liberty Real Estate opened an investment round of $30 million for a security token, which lets users invest in a diversified portfolio of US properties. The model employed is similar to Real Estate Investment Trusts and was issued through the security tokenization platform

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