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Hive is a passionate effort, created by a large group of Steem community members who have long looked to move towards true decentralization and to help develop the code base.


HIVE has been created by more than 30 leading developers who brought great value to steem blockchain. Although they have not been identified with first and last names, we have already heard several names.


An important aspect is that the old witnesses (New creators of Hive) are promising that Hive will be a new Blockchain that contains a copy of everything we have written in Steem, how many publications we have, how many tokens we have, who we follow and who follows us , the transaction history …. Everything!


What would happen to the delegations that support the projects and the curation trails?




We must remember that steemauto joined the campaign against Justin Sun, therefore this will be one of the Dapps that will migrate to HIVE.Organizers, Witnesses and Developers of Steempeak, Blocktrades, Steem Keychain, Dtube, OCDB, Steemhunt, among others will also migrate to HIVE.


So if there is a massive adoption, existing relationships should be maintained. I mean delegations, hive subscribers, trails.


What will happen to the value of Steem? How much will the new Hive tokens be worth?


HIVE Token:

I am sure they will start with great acceptance, the HIVE project has the backing of large steem holders who are willing to inject all that capital into the new HIVE.They have been on powerdown for several weeks, although with the current shutdown time it will take several weeks to get all that liquid steem.

We should also have exchanges that include the new HIVE token in their lists. This is already being advanced by blocktrades.

Something that puzzles me is that “Binance” has already announced that it will accept HIVE tokens. “This is total madness” !!! I can not understand it.


Binance Will Support the Upcoming Steem Hard Fork 


This exchange starred in one of the darkest plays in the history of the crypto market by supporting SUN with all the STEEM necessary (Steem from its clients) to powerup newly created accounts, just to vote and place new witnesses. So how is it possible that they now announce the placement of the HIVE token which has not even been released yet?


This shows that the fork is a forceful fact and the HIVE token comes in strong. Binance steem holders will instantly receive an equal number of HIVE tokens. Obviously, these will not have influence within the new blockchain for the election of witnesses. I guess.
A new measure has already been implemented to prevent the stake attack from Steemit.


STEEM Token:


STEEM will definitely lose value, a crash in its price is imminent.
When will this happen? Once Justin manages to take back and sell all the steem he placed in the stake.


But there is a paradox:
Who will buy steem knowing that it will be worth nothing?

Justin Sun will keep STEEM price on the rise. It is the only way to maintain your investment and respond to the exchanges that supported it.Current steem holders who support HIVE Blockchain need steem to stay high in order to sell and then dump that capital into HIVE.


So who will sell first and profit before the crashdown?

Regarding this, there is a hypothesis that is the darkest thing I have been able to read so far about all this conflict that demonizes Justin Sun.
There is talk of a 1 – 3 day powerdown which would be implemented by Justin’s witnesses at a nearby HardFork. The inconceivable of all this is that this powerdown ” would be only for Justin’s accounts“.


If this were to happen, Justin would recover the tons of steem he obtained from the exchanges, sell the entire stake he bought from Ned, and then Steem would drop to 1 cent, thus condemning all current holders.

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