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Hondaverse – Honda revealed its world in Fortnite

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The metaverse is called Hondaverse, was designed for Twitch and is a virtual world within the popular video game Fortnite.

Hondaverse – Honda metaverse

On Hondaverse, there are customized Fortnite maps where streamers and players can challenge and compete with each other. In this way, they can test their skills using virtual parkour runs and trivia.

First iteration metaverse is Honda Parkour World, built around the model 2023 Honda HR-V. For the launch, streamer SypherPK was contacted and hosted a live stream on Twitch, which is divided into three parts, in the first introduced and described this new metaverse.

The second thematic SypherPK stream is scheduled for July 13th, and the third will be August 1st. This will enable users and creators Twitch to compete SypherPK for prices.

The famous Japanese car company is trying to attract and engage new followers at a time when car sales are declining. The Twitch category dedicated to Fortnite alone has more than 80 million followers. Hondaverse is independently developed using Fortnite’s creative tools, so it is not a product sponsored, endorsed or administered by the game’s developer, namely Epic Games.

Honda has previously tried to use Twitch to reach and engage a younger audience, in 2019 it was the first car company to launch a branded entertainment gaming channel on the platform. In recent years, it has also used Twitch to expand beyond gaming, launching a mixed reality music experience and launching its own channel as Honda DreamLab.

Fortnite has long since evolved by going far beyond the boundaries of a classic game and becoming a platform that is used both for entertainment and advertising. Epic Games has turned it into a platform that allows brands to showcase their products by integrating them into customized virtual maps, one of which is Hondaverse.

The Metaverse is currently open exclusively to famous streamers like SypherPK, but it should be open to others as early as the third stream on August 1st. It is worth noting that SypherPK has 6 million followers on Twitch.

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