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How many people have saved your Instagram photos? We’ll show you how to find out

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Are you one of the lovers of the popular Instagram social network? Then you will surely publish on your account the photos you want to be seen in the world. But have you ever wondered how many people are saving your posts? It is definitely not a problem to find out. Instagram even monitors this activity, so if you meet the condition of this social network, you will have access to the data.


How many people have saved your Instagram photos? We'll show you how to find out

The only way to get this data is the Instagram Business Profile. This will give you additional tracking metrics, but saving your images is one of the most exciting. You don’t know exactly who was interested in the post, but the specific number. This gives you an overview of what photos are currently in your class on your profile.

Activation of Instagram Business account

Setting up an Instagram Business account is not difficult. However, you must own a Facebook page to link your classic Instagram profile. You can switch to Business account under Settings – Account. Then just fill in the contact details: phone, e-mail or address. Only one is enough. If you meet this requirement, you can find this information for each photo by clicking “View report”.


How to switch from Instagram Business back to normal account?

From Business Profile you can return to the classic one at any time. Just go to your profile and in the top right corner click on the icon with three lines. Then go to Settings – Account – Switch to personal account. Then click Switch back and confirm.

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