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How to Download, Install & Use ExpressVPN on Chrome

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When it comes to VPN extensions for Chrome, ExpressVPN works a bit differently. However, there’s nothing to worry about, as we’ll show you how to set-up and use ExpressVPN on your Chrome browser (as a VPN extension). Here’s all you need to know.


To use ExpressVPN as a Chrome extension, you also must run ExpressVPN as a native application on your Windows, macOS, or Linux computer. ExpressVPN’s Chrome extension isn’t a standalone extension – so make sure to keep that in mind.

1. To get started, visit ExpressVPN’s sign-up page.

2. Then, click on any of the green-colored ‘Get ExpressVPN‘ buttons.

3. Select your subscription plan and fill out the required information.

4. When you pay for the subscription, expect to receive a confirmation email.

5. At this moment, return to ExpressVPN’s website (go to its homepage).

6. Click on ‘My Account‘ and provide your email and password.

Signing In to ExpressVPN Website

7. If asked for a verification code, visit your email inbox and paste it from there.

8. Now, select the ‘Set Up Other Devices‘ button (at the top of that page).

Setting Up Devices ExpressVPN Account Online

9. Pick ‘Windows,’ ‘Mac,’ or ‘Linux,’ based on your device’s operating system.

10. Right now, ExpressVPN will present an option to download its app.

11. Once you download the installation file, open it and install the software.

Installing ExpressVPN on macOS

12. Then, launch the application and select ‘Sign In.’

Sign In Button ExpressVPN Mobile Interface

13. At this moment, you should copy your ExpressVPN activation code.

14. If asked to install a VPN profile or configuration, go ahead with ‘Yes‘ or ‘Allow.’

Installing ExpressVPN Profile on macOS

15. The VPN will ask you to start it up on system startup. Pick ‘OK‘ or ‘No, Thanks.’

16. Also, pick ‘OK‘ or ‘No, Thanks‘ when asked about anonymous data logging.

ExpressVPN Usage Collection Prompt

17. You should now see ExpressVPN’s home screen. Let’s set it up on Chrome now.

18. Using your Chrome browser, visit ExpressVPN on Chrome’s Web Store.

Chrome Web Store Overview of ExpressVPN

19. Select the ‘Add to Chrome‘ button and confirm your decision when asked.

Installing ExpressVPN Chrome Extension

20. To access the extension, click on the ‘Extensions‘ button in the top-right corner.

21. Press ‘Continue‘ several times to go through ExpressVPN’s guide.

Setup Guide ExpressVPN on Chrome

22. Once again, select if you’d like to allow ExpressVPN to collect anonymous data.

23. If you haven’t logged in to ExpressVPN, you will need to do that now.

24. That’s it – you have now accessed this VPN’s Chrome extension.

25. To connect to the nearest server, press the ON/OFF button (the app will turn green).

26. To end your VPN session, press the ON/OFF button again (the app will turn red).

Home Screen of ExpressVPN for Chrome

27. You can pick a server manually by using the button just below the ON/OFF switch.

Connecting to Specific Server in Chrome via ExpressVPN Addon

28. Select any country or server name, and ExpressVPN will connect you automatically.

Connected via ExpressVPN for Chrome


Don’t forget to inspect what else ExpressVPN’s handy Chrome extension offers. Press the hamburger button in the top-left corner and then go with ‘Settings‘ or ‘Privacy & Security‘ to fine-tune the extension to your liking.

That would be all for our guide on how to set up ExpressVPN on Chrome. If you have any doubts or questions, we’re here to help – so make sure to post your comment below. And lastly, thank you for reading!


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