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How to make cryptocurrencies by writing articles? Try Publish0x!

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Do you know For those whose answer is no, here is a brief introduction to this page. It runs in Beta yet, but it is fully functional and is literally amazing!


How to do it?

If you are one of those people who like to write lyrics, blog or otherwise think creatively and want to write about it, this page is right for you. Of course in English – but it may not be professional. In addition to being another social media, Publish0x makes it possible to earn good money. It’s all about you and how much you care about this site. And there are two possibilities to earn BAT, DAI, or other cryptocurrencies:

Writing articles in English

Do you want to write articles and receive BAT tokens or DAI stablecoin from your fans? Not a problem. If you speak English The portal is in English and some articles are overly technical, so few people understand it. After writing an article in which it is important to correctly write hashtag, etc., it is published. And you are just waiting to see whether or not you are attracted and rewarded. First hours and days are important. Then the article fits among thousands of others and the rewards remain as they are.

Evaluation of articles by other authors

The second option on the Publish0x page is even more interesting. Let’s say you found an article you read, and now you want to rate it. In addition to the standard “like”, there is also the VOTE option. After votig, when you can give the author a maximum of 80% and a minimum of 20%, the cryptocurrencies are added to your account. This is exactly what in the first case, but this time your articles do not evaluate others, but you evaluate their articles.

Combination=best choice

Of course, the best choice for you is a combination of these options. You can rate articles about 3 – 5 per day. Reward gives it random. You can get up to 0.30 BAT or 0.03 DAI per rating. If you are interested in this site, you can get dozens of BAT and DAI coins per month by writing and reviewing articles, which is tens of euros. The payment of cryptocurrencies is on request within 5 working days. It’s a nice way to earn money by writing and quite legit.

One thing is important. In the beginning it will be smaller rewards. You can gain popularity as you write, rate, and be active on the Publish0x page, and your articles will appear in the top rungs as well as in the Popular section. This will give you more reading and therefore more reviews from people.

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