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I personally saw Satoshi – co-founder of Paypal – BTC is the most honest thing we have here!

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Satoshi Bitcoin Peter Thiel

Billionaire Peter Thiel is a co-founder of Paypal. He commented on BTC and the mysterious character of Satoshi Nakamoto.

At a time when BTC is just above its all-time high, Thiel said that Bitcoin should only be bought and he himself feels that he has invested little in them.

Peter Thiel shares an interesting story

Peter Thiel also boasted of an early meeting with the founders extinct of E-Gold Ltd. Thiel shared a story where he allegedly met the creator of BTC.

“I have one theory about Satoshi’s identity. Satoshi was on the same beach on the island Anguilla, where I was. I met him in Anguilla in February 2000. We discussed a revolution against central banks. We planned connect Paypal with E-Gold a defeat all central banks in this way. ” claims the billionaire.

Thiel further claims that in addition to Satoshi, there were about 200 people. BTC was a response to E-Gold, and Satoshi realized that one can remain anonymous and not have public company. All companies, whether larger or smaller, were too connected to the government. “

What does he say about BTC – the work of his old friend?

The fact that we are now seeing an increase in the price of BTC and other cryptocurrencies is a clear indication that the current political and economic system is weakened.

“I’m not saying you should put all your money in BTC now that it’s worth it more than $ 60,000. But the fact is, the price of $ 60,000 alone tells us a lot. It is the most honest thing we have here. The current political and economic regime can pack its bags. ” added Thiel.

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