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ICP grows in double figures

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It comes back to talk about ICP, that’Internet Computer Protocol which was more cross than delight for those who entered the listing of the token on the main ones exchange.

Today, however, those who have them in their portfolio are smiling – thanks to a gain in double figures, following excellent news coming from WebSummit from Lisbon, where very interesting information was shared for hodlers And passionate about the project.

A push for rebirth? Probably yes – against those who declared this project now dead and buried.

Lots of news from WebSummit: what is happening inside Internet Computer?

It was quite predictable that a project started with such high expectations would not accept the role of sacrificial victim. The news in recent times have actually been many, in particular on the technological and commercial level. The implementation of the links on BTC for smart contracts it was one of the most important, but not the only one.

Dfinity – the group that drives the financial and commercial development of ICP – has in fact announced the start of a partnership with United Esports, for a program that will focus on gaming associated with blockchain, from the evocative name Achievement Unblocked.

It is a competitive program that will see developers who aim to innovate the sector participate – who will have to develop, to win, a game based on the principles of GameFi, or the Play To Earn who is making a splash with Axie Infinity and many other parallel projects.

100 projects will be chosen, which they will receive $ 5,000 each, for a total investment of half a million dollars. Perhaps not comparable as announced by Solana today, but still sufficient to attract emerging developers to the protocol. The developers will also be accompanied by technical support and seminars organized directly by Dfinity, which will therefore act as an incubator for emerging projects.

Already 1,000 projects under development on ICP

Another interesting news is the number of projects that are currently under development on the network of ICP. According to what is reported in WebSummit would be 1,000 – a very interesting sum for a project which, we tend to forget, is practically newborn.

Newborn but with very ambitious goals, whose initial resizing and some gaffe on the part of the managers have helped to sink. With the price that has dropped significantly, however, finding a good price base around $ 45.

Where can ICP go?

We believe that while market capitalization is already important, ICP may still have some important perspectives of growth, if the path of development should be the one drawn today.

The project, which is one of the most opposed by the classic community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts – it may hold more than a few surprises. Both in terms of price and from a commercial point of view. Dead is not, on the contrary – to take as good what comes from the Summit, there would seem to be almost too much life.

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