May 12, 2021


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If you invested $1000 in BTC a year ago, this is what you would have in profit today

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • BTC has maintained its upward trend for a year.
  • BTC will gain value if it is adopted as Digital Gold.

The digital asset has had a violent journey since it was created 11 years ago, taking the last year as a priority. The COVID-19 outbreak not affected the BTC value only but also helped merchants consider it.

Right away, you can see how the BTC trend has been for fans since last year, improving its performance.

A short reaction


BTC has risen its capitalization by 612% in the last year. This implies that had you invested $1000 in BTC the previous year today, you would have around $7100 in profit.

In the period, the S&P 500 rate, which is taken as the best performance indicator in the market, showed a 50% return. Many stocks increased in value from last year as the market supported the beneficiary companies. However, there are few stocks with good performance in the same line as BTC. It is sensible to say that BTC has been a success to invest in since last year for stable traders.

You can find the best broker for you to invest in the asset, whether you are looking for a registration proposal, good public attention, no commissions, insightful mobile apps, etc. You can locate a broker that meets your expectations.

Reasons BTC has been a success in the market.

You can’t snoop through the news about BTC last year. But there are three reasons the asset has succeeded in the market:

• Investors have made trading a higher priority since last year. With the COVID-19 pandemic, people had to look for alternatives to earn money at home. The most profitable option for these investors was to enter the stock market.

• 2020 saw communion between digital assets and major companies, including Tesla, MicroStrategy, and Square. Elon Musk, Kevin O’Leary, and Marc Cuban are the promoters of this investment movement, attracting new traders.

• BTC enters the market with a higher priority because of its global acceptance. Now you can pay with the asset, and how to obtain them is simple, even on the PayPal platform.

Will BTC keep rising?

It is a significant doubt that many investors and companies have been holding for weeks. If BTC goes from being a decentralized currency to a store of value or digital gold, the objective is clear, strengthening its upward trend. There is the solidity to say that BTC will reach $500000 in value or even more. However, if the asset does not transition, its entire trend may go down.

No investment that can give you 7x in return for a year has volatility and risks. To join the market with Bitcoins or other assets, you must know how everything works.

To grow your wealth invest in the stock market for an extended period. But if you use the wrong broker, this can leave you broke. You must turn to experts in the stock market to have rewarding results.

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