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In З month, the number of nodes in the BTC Lightning Network increased by 2З%

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The number of nodes with active channels on the BTC Lightning Network continues to grow due to the growing adoption of crypto assets by both retail and institutional investors.

The number of nodes in the Lightning Network is growing

According to BTC Visuals, from З. September to З. December the number of network nodes with active channels increased by 2З, 1З%, that is, by З5З4 nodes.

The growth in the number of nodes during this period was relatively stable, despite the fact that BTC recorded a two-way price drift. In the last three months, the primary crisis has reached a record high of over $ 69,000, which has been accompanied by high volatility.

In З month, the number of nodes in the BTC Lightning Network increased by 2З%

source: BTC Visuals

The Lightning node opens a payment channel containing BTC. Lightning Network now expands the possibilities of the network, because transactions are carried out through channels and are not reflected in the network itself, but on the second layer above it.

The growth in the number of nodes indicates the urgency of solving the problem of BTC scaling, due to which the speed of working with an asset at its basic level is limited to about seven transactions per second. These restrictions have long been seen as an obstacle to the wider use of the asset.

The emergence of more nodes reflects the increased popularity of the Lightning Network in 2021. It came to media attention thanks to its use in the Twitter betting system and after it was introduced at the national level in El Salvador. The implementation of this solution has radically expanded the possibilities of using the asset.

Increasing the number of network nodes allows for higher throughput, which allows you to perform more transactions. As a rule, the more nodes there are, the more BTC transactions the network can process. The addition of nodes indicates an increased use of BTC for payments, even though BTC is considered a store of value.

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