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In 10 minutes, the teenager earned $ 1 million on NFT “Belugies”

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Earlier, perhaps children never dreamed that with the advent of new technologies, their random drawing could become something very valuable.

Now everything has changed – recently 14-year-old Abigail made a million dollars in less than a day selling NFT Belugies.

The teenager created a collection of 8,000 NFT of belugies when she saw in a city aquarium. Thanks to her 25-year-old brother Adam, Abigail became an NFT professional after explaining how the technology works.

Even more interesting is that Abigail created almost all of her drawings on the iPhone 8. After that, her brother helped with combinations of accessories. The result was 8000 unique images.

Abigail introduced them to the Alpha Art marketplace. In the app, the price for NFT Belugies started at 0.8 SOL, which at the time was worth about $ 160. All the token was surprisingly sold out 10 minutes after launch.

Abigail and Adam then donated $ 200,000 to the Sunshine Kids cancer organization and a non-profit organization that helps belugas.

When sold on secondary markets, brother and sister receive a 5% license fee. In the coming days, they will continue the project and present 100 NFTs for publication in children’s books.

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