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Infamous Bitcoin (BTC) Whale Says Goodbye, Leaves Crypto World With Two Final Predictions

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A crypto whale who became notorious for his sarcastic tone and impressive trading skills is saying goodbye to his days as a public figure.


Joe007, who burst onto the scene six months ago, says he’s leaving Twitter for good and dropping a few last nuggets of wisdom for his followers on the way out.

Joe consistently ranked at the top of the Bitfinex leaderboard, raking in millions in realized profits for months before finally missing his target in April.

While Joe hasn’t indicated whether he’s done trading, his name is no longer listed on the current list of top Bitfinex traders.

“It was an impressive sand mandala that we created here together. It was colorful, intricate, full of meaning. It required effort and persistence. Real Proof of Work. And it wasn’t going to last forever – just like life in general, eh?

So I hope my Twitter presence was useful to you, or at least entertaining, while it lasted. If my trolling went too far, I apologize. I really do. The point was not to hurt your feelings but to challenge your worldviews and open your horizons. Sometimes this leads to progress.”

Joe says trading, especially in the world of crypto, is not for the faint of heart, and introducing himself to the public has its fair share of drawbacks.

“Trading is a dangerous, adversarial, high-stakes info game. It’s played against best-in-class, looking for any advantage. Your trade results and views being public gives them too much advantage over you. There are tools reconstructing my portfolio out there already.”

On his way out, Joe is offering one last forecast for BTC’s short to mid-term prospects. He believes a significant pullback is in store.

“Is the worst firmly behind us? Did the cruel winds of crypto winter finally die down, giving way to inevitable triumph of crypto spring? Are we in early stages of exciting, disorienting, breathtaking journey that is Bitcoin bull market, culminating with the fabled parabolic run?

Similar to market cycle, my crypto Twitter journey produced mixed, changing reactions: anxiety, denial, fear, anger, dismay, hope, relief, optimism, thrill, euphoria. We’re mostly in a high phase of the cycle right now, so the trading wisdom tells us: it’s time to sell…

So even thought the journey was unexpectedly exciting, it has come to its end. From the very beginning, my CT involvement was a time-limited experiment since my detractors got something right: I can’t really afford Twitter. There are many reasons why I can’t stay, unfortunately.”

Joe remains bullish on Bitcoin in the long run, retweeting a message he first sent out in February.

“People who make fun of Bitcoin maximalists and their weird affection for ‘just one crypto-currency among many’ don’t understand true significance of the moment we live in.

Bitcoin is so much more than just a currency. It’s a completely new social technology: non-political non-confiscatable self-sovereign extra-hard money. I expect it to precipitate transition of humanity to completely new economic and social order that will slowly emerge over time.”

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