March 1, 2021


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Instagram canceled likes. You can make them visible again by extension.

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They have recently decided to opt out of posting responses on Instagram. Unlike Facebook on this network it is not the classic “likes” ,but hearts, so the principle is the same. Users are no longer influenced by the reach of the post and are more focused on its content, advocating the Instagram decision. For some is the measure of responses rate very important, especially for marketers. That’s why a Chrome was created extension for information back.

Instagram canceled likes. You can make them visible again by extension.

The new extension is a useful tool for those who look at Instagram professionally and are interested in the reach data. The number of responses is still visible for account operators themselves, but not for others. However, in the source code the information is still publicly available, so the plugin pulls it out.

Obviously, this means that Instagram must be viewed through a web-based environment and a desktop browser, which is not very common with this network. But for professional purposes it is quite a convenient solution. In addition to the number of likes on foreign accounts, you can also see likes on all your posts right on the profile page.

Desktop for Instagram will also be useful for professional purposes, allowing you to publish posts directly from your computer. Officially, it only comes from mobile.


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