March 1, 2021


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Instagram introduces the biggest change in history. Users will not be very pleased.

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With the idea of ​​hiding the number of hearts in posts, Instagram played this summer. At the time, however, it was a pilot operation that ran only in a few countries and on a small sample of users. The authors of the Facebook seem to be happy with the test results. Now this news is spreading to the whole world, but still for a small sample of users.

Instagram introduces the biggest change in history. Users will not be very pleased.

Likes disappear from Instagram. The social network applies this change globally to a select group of users.

The problem, which Instagram wants to solve is primarily the impact on the quality of content that is published on the network. Users and influencers themselves admit that they often keep an eye on the interest in posts and create additional content accordingly. So they often decide to express a socially popular opinion instead of expressing what they really think.

Like, like, like…

The number of hearts however also affects the other side as well – many users “like” the post just because it was appreciated by many other users, without necessarily agree with the post. However, the author of the post will still see the number of hearts, and the followers will also see friends who like the post, the rest will be hidden under the “and more” formula. post click.
If you are still interested in how many people like the post, you will have to calculate it yourself after clicking the post.

Instagram introduces the biggest change in history. Users will not be very pleased.

It is not yet clear how cooperation between companies and influencers will be addressed, when it will not be clear to what extent the contributions are popular and the impact they have. According to the first analyzes, the number of hearts decreases by 3 – 15%. There is speculation about the possibility of exporting this data from influencers profiles, but there were immediate concerns about falsifying the data.

However, according to the company’s representatives, the mental health of users is more important than business matters. Facebook is also thinking of a similar step, which started testing the hiding number of “I like” in September this year. However, it is not yet clear whether this feature will get globally live – Instagram is actively testing it on an increasing sample of users, but it is possible that its implementation into the standard operation of this social network will not get at all.


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